The following API methods are provided by the AuthToken generator library

Generate new AuthToken

generate: function(key, secret){}

Request Arguments:

key- "key" of the JWT Credential For ex: '398e54e888da42f8d089je28c298o42b'
secret- "secret" of the JWT Credential For ex: '07c6e2t1rb92987fnrd705jkk8582p9e'

Regenerate Expired AuthToken

refresh: function(oldAuthToken) { }

Generate JWT With Bash

Authtoken can be generated using the bash script also, for more details refer

How to generate authorization credentials

This section details the procedure to generate the AuthToken and secret key that is required to access any APIs and to configure the standalone telemetry JS library.



  • Access to the Ekstep Community portal




Sign In 1. Sign in to Ekstep QA portal ( 2. Go to Resources > Developers Note: If you have already created QA credentials and tested Sunbird, and are looking at acquiring production credentials, repeat the same steps on visit instead.

Request API Access 1. Select API credentials 2. The Manage Credentials page is displayed 3. Click Request API access to request access for available API groups

On successful submission of the API access request, the portal admin is notified. The admin either approves or rejects the request

You are notified of the admin’s action through a mail to your registered mail ID

You can also view the action taken, by clicking the notification icon on the portal

Generate New Credentials 1. Enter the username 2. Enter notes, if any 3. The API groups that can be accessed with the created credentials are listed here 4. Click Generate credentials to generate key and secret

Note the Credentials 1. Ensure to copy the key and secret and confirm the same 2. Click Close after copying the Key and Secret

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